Pre- and post-operative central nervous
system tumor segmentation
and standardized reporting

A software platform for the analysis and visualization of neurological MR scans

ABOUT Raidionics

A description of the different use-cases supported by Raidionics, along with Youtube presentation videos, are available on our wiki.


The most common central nervous system tumor types can be segmented pre-operatively: glioblastomas, diffuse lower-grade gliomas, meningiomas, and metastases. Early post-operative segmentation is limited to the glioblastoma subtype.

All models have been trained using patient data from our partnered hospitals, using the AGU-Net architecture (more details available in the Publications section).

Standardized reporting (RADS)

Pre-operatively, the standardized reports include the following tumor characteristics, all computed in the MNI reference space: volume, multifocality, laterality, location w.r.t. cortical structures (MNI, Harvard-Oxford, and Schaefer atlases), and location w.r.t. subcortical structures (BCB atlas). The computational pipeline is illustrated to the left.

Post-operatively, the rest tumor volume and extent-of-resection are automatically computed.

Hospital partners

Northwest Clinics (Alkmaar), Amsterdam University Medical Centers, University Medical Center Groningen, Medical Center Haaglanden (The Hague), Humanitas Research Hospital (Milano), Hôpital Lariboisière (Paris), University of California San Francisco Medical Center, Medical Center Slotervaart (Amsterdam), St Elisabeth Hospital (Tilburg), University Medical Center Utrecht, Medical University Vienna, Isala hospital (Zwolle), St. Olavs hospital (Trondheim), Sahlgrenska University Hospital (Gothenburg), Brigham and Women's Hospital (Boston), and Oslo University Hospital.


Core participants


David Bouget

Lead developer, maintainer


André Pedersen

DevOps engineer


Demah Alsinan



Valeria Gaitan



Ingerid Reinertsen

Project manager


Ole Solheim



Latest release (1.2.2)

Disclaimer: Raidionics has problems running on some specific CPU (cf. FAQ).


Stand-alone Raidionics

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3D Slicer plugin

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Raidionics research

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Related research

* Pretreatment patient-reported cognitive function in patients with diffuse glioma. Schei, S., Solheim, O., Salvesen, Ø., Hjermstad, M. J., Bouget, D., & Sagberg, L. M.. Acta Neurochirurgica, 164(3), 703-711, 2022.


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